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balloon ticket

balloon ticket

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Balloon ticket Nostalgia-privatim
Here you buy a balloon ticket per person for an unforgettable experience - with our pilot "to the sky and back" (also suitable as a great gift).
With this balloon ticket you can then book an appointment later.

Then how do I make an appointment for the balloon ride ?

After booking a balloon ride/s with us in the coffeehouse/store or online

bought, you can soon (probably from the end of 2022) with your

register your personal registration code on our appointment page for an available calendar week (from 2023).

Here you must now also leave your contact details for later, exact appointment allocation.

When will I receive information about the launch site and date of my balloon flight?

​ Shortly before your registered calendar week, you will receive an exact date from us, which will change due to

but can be postponed again due to weather conditions. Here you will be given the starting point and the time at which you

please be there on time.

What time do the balloon rides take place?

​As a rule, the rides only take place during the week in the evening (3 hours before sunset), on weekends

we can also start in the morning. The pure travel time is between 60 and 90 minutes. For the entire event

but you should plan about 4 hours.

Is it possible to agree on a preferred location for the balloon ride?

In the district of Görlitz, we can of course discuss something like this, depending on the participants and the weather conditions. Everything else would then have to be decided on a case-by-case basis. It's more of a coincidence whether we can drive over a specific destination ;) ... but with a bit of luck it will work.

​How many people go in a basket?

Our balloon basket is designed for 4 passengers + pilot. Accordingly, can move up to 5 people in the sky at the same time.

How exactly does the balloon ride work?

​You will meet our balloon team and the rest of the passengers at the agreed meeting point. Then you set up the hot air balloon together and after the set up you start the 60 to 90 minute balloon ride. After landing, you dismantle together again and receive the traditional nobility title award. Our "balloon chaser" brings

You then return safely to the starting point or your family will collect you beforehand.

How do I dress?

You can dress normally and do not have to pay attention to anything else. Usually prevail at the top

Balloon basket almost the same conditions as on the ground. It might even be slightly warmer under the gas burner

be, so an onion look is always recommended.

Sturdy shoes and taking a hat can't be a mistake.

Who isn't allowed to ride?

​In the Nostalgia privatim basket, pregnant women, those in poor health, or

drunk people ride along. Safety first, so unfortunately we have to accommodate these guests

exclude. Incidentally, safety also comes first when the weather conditions change shortly before the start

becomes questionable or even changes. Then the event will be postponed

and everyone is looking forward to the next time :)

"Delivery within 1-2 working days"

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